Lutheran Carnival LV

Prepare Ye is proud to host the 55th Lutheran Carnival. As I'm preparing to pack up and move to Gettysburg to enter the Seminary there, I thought I'd volunteer to host the carnival and delay packing up the computer for one more weekend. Please ignore the mess, the assorted boxes and bubble wrap just laying around and enjoy the submissions. (Oh, if you carry any boxes - be sure to lift with your legs!)

The posts are listed in submission order:

The Tour Marm presents I Saw a Man Walk on the Moon, a touching look back on her memories and relationship with her stepfather. Write to right presents 3 Easy Steps On How To Create A Productive Life, an enlightening essay on how to do what's truly important. I wish I would have seen the "Strip Out the Useless" advice before I started packing!

The Pistol Packin' Presbytera presents National Ice Cream Day: Passing On Family Traditions, a post which links the past and present as she describes family and friends spending the day enjoying ice cream, and reminisces about family memories involving the sweet treat. We also get a glimpse of the future as her young granddaughter gets to try some! (Do we get that day off work?)

Aardvark Alley during the past couple weeks has commemorated several Old and New Testament icons of the Faith, including Saint Mary Magdalene. The Aardvark also made brief (and mostly positive) commentary on the final Harry Potter novel with The Deathly Hallows ... No Spoilers.

Ask the Pastor presents With Christian Liberty: Dungeons and Dragons. Pastor Snyder builds on a previous question to Ask the Pastor involving our freedom under the Gospel. (Harry Potter and D&D in back to back submissions, hmmmmmmmm ... )

Dan from Necessary Roughness presents a double shot of posts. In Theological Liberals Try to Hijack Luther for Homosexuality, he believes that some liberal Lutherans are appealing to Luther's writings convinced that homosexuality is no longer a sin. In Thoughts on LCMS Convention and Unity, Dan scours the news on the LCMS convention and finds good things that happened. He also gives some hints as to how he looks for churches when he travels.

Lastly and leastly, Coach from Prepare Ye presents a Pre-Game Talk. I try to connect the inspiration of a coach addressing their team just before the game starts to the opening passage from the Gospel of John.

Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again. If you wouldn't mind, please include me and my family (as well as all students heading to seminaries or schools) in your prayers for our safe travels and for productive studies.



Thank you for hosting this edition of the Carnival! I wish you safe travel and success in your education.
Frank said…
Uh Coach, nothing from Putting Out The Fire? If it was lost I can just submit it to the next one. Great Job, and thanks for hosting!
Coach said…
I double checked and did not get a submission from Putting Out the Fire. Sorry.

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