Sermon Outline - DRAFT

DISCLAIMER: The resemblance of this outline to the finished sermon is purely coincidental.

Sermon Setting - I have decided to place this sermon at a congregation in Nebraska.
Text - The main text is Matthew 13.1-23 (I have decided to include the verses omitted (10-17) by the Lectionary. The other lessons are Genesis 25.19-34, Psalm 119.105-112 & Romans 8.1-11.

Sermon Outline
Farm Yields
   The yields mentioned by Jesus are good for the time, but not for modern agribusiness
   Attributable to the poor sowing practices in the parable
      Never sow on the path, nor on rocky ground, nor in thorns
A way to read a parable
   Someone/something will represent Jesus
   Someone/something will represent us
The seeds = the word of the kingdom of God
  Jesus unpacks that in the explanation to the disciples
  Seeds = Jesus & his Gospel
So who are we?
  The sower?
     If so, then the soil represents areas where we take/spread/throw the Good News
       Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and when it doesn't, it isn't our fault
     But what if we aren't the sower
       The sower is the one who sowed the seed/sent the seed
        The sower is God
So that means we are the soil
  But what type of soil are we?
      Hard pathways / Rocky ground / Surrounded by thorns / Good soil
 Go back to the middle part of the lesson - where Jesus explains why he speaks in parables
      Those who have will be given more (good soil)
      Those who have nothing will lose what they have (path)
      Those who listen but do not understand (thorny ground)
      Those whose hearts have grown dull (rocky ground)
So, what do we do?


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